This is a complete "Do It Yourself", Plastic Rear Convertible Soft Top Window Replacement Kit for any Mercedes-Benz Model R129 or R107 SL Roadster of years 1971 to 2002. Included within this kit is everything you need to replace your cracked, scratched or browned plastic windows. i.e. "The proper specialized tools, supplies, windows, and the very simple to follow Step-by-Step instructions (Written in English), with pictures and videos of the procedure." From start to finish you can do it yourself or work with others and complete the install in just a few hours.

The R107 Kit: 1) DOES NOT have a video to watch (2) Will only work on OEM tops, or tops that have been made to OEM Specifications. When in doubt, ask! (3) Lastly the window Trim & Seal only comes in Black or Navy Blue at this time.

  • DOT Approved Plastic
  • 40 Gauge Thickness
  • No Glues or Solvents are needed
  • You don’t need the experience of a professional seamstress.
  • You don't have to remove the canvas top.
  • One Person can do it alone.

The instructions show you how to perform a simple stitch using our hand held machine, to sew the windows in place.

PLASTIC WINDOWS: These are not OEM Plastic Windows. Technology has advanced tremendously since the 1990’s. This kit contains one the latest high technology thread and plastic windows that are harder to scratch, more resistant to the effects of UV rays, and are rated to perform under normal conditions for up to 5 years.

THREAD:  Sungard Thread is the industry standard for superior marine and automotive outdoor performance. It is UV, Mildew, Chlorine and bromine resistant. The carefully selected dyes and anti-wick properties of this thread will outlast OEM products.

(For the absoulute best on the market we offer Tenara Thread with a lifetime warranty only with our upgraded kit).

Thread Colors To Choose From

This kit will work on any 1971 to 2002 Mercedes Benz SL models R107 & R129.

Thread Color 
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Price  $ 160.00
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