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My Custom SL

The car is 100% rebuilt, I have thousands of pictures of the work I put into the car. I have spent to date over 152 thousand on the car (includes 40 thousand I paid for the original car). Took me a little over 2 years here and there, and then 1 full year straight working only on the car to complete it.

Added by: Jbaba123

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Cassette Magazine Removal & Cup Holder Installation

Shows you how to remove the Cassette Holder and install the Cup holder.

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Side Seat Protector Installation

How to install the R129Motoring Side Seat Protector

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Seat Cushion & Panel Removal

Remove the Cushions and Panels from the seats.

Added by: BenzBoi

Time: 01:14
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Seat Belt & Complete Removal of Seat

Shows how to remove the seat and the seat belts from the car.

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Time: 01:21
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Complete Removal of the Center Console

Shows the removal of the center console, cassette unit, storage compartment, console switches, electrical and vacuum lines.

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Removal of the Radio & Burl Wood Center Console

Shows the removal of the upper center console which includes the Radio.

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Removal of Center Vents, Top Compartment & ICL

This shows the Removal of Center Vents, Top Compartment & ICL (Interior Control Locking) on the dash.

Added by: BenzBoi

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1961 SL190 is the Mercedes Star of the 2010 SEMA Show

1961 SL190 is the Mercedes Star of the 2010 SEMA S

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Transmission Shift Lock Operation

This will show you how your shift lock mechanism works in case you need to repair or make changes to it.

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Ignition Switch Assembly Removal

This video shows you how to remove the ignition switch from your SL.

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Dash Board Removal

This video shows you how to remove your dash board.

Added by: BenzBoi

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Dash Removal - Air Bags & Instrument Cluster

This Video will show you how to remove your SRS Air bag, Instrument Cluster, Air Vents, Light Switch, and Brake Lever.

Added by: BenzBoi

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R129 Brabus 7.3 On The Track

R129 Brabus 7.3 V12 on the race track.

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My First R230 SL Roadster

SL roadster in Europe

Added by: BenzBoi

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SL-Club Meet 2008 Thailand

The SL-Club of Bangkik Thailand

Added by: BenzBoi

Time: 08:35
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R129 Dual Exhaust

R129 Dual Exhaust

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R129 Meet In Thailand

Thailand R129 Owners Get together.

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SL Car Meet In Japan 2007

Japanese Car enthusiast get together with their R129's in Japan.

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R129 Traveling at 108.72MPH in 12.8 Seconds.

R129 Drag Racing!

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